About Our Center


Our center for rehabilitation and care for the elderly was founded in 1990, and then we have had many satisfied clients. Our center for the elderly wants to provide our clients with the best experience of their lives. We are aware that people come here to spend peaceful time in the winter of their lives, and we make sure they enjoy every moment. We also put a great emphasis on health treatment and rehabilitation in our center. The specialized medical staff makes sure our clients have everything they need.

The Best Of Professionals

We are a team of experts who are devoted to finding a good an easy way to help our clients find a path to health and longevity. We know how difficult all these changes can be at a later stage in life, but we truly try to find a way to grow close with our clients and make them feel at home. We consider ourselves to be a happy family that provides everyone here with what they need. All of our clients are individuals, and we treat them as such. Our team makes sure everyone has a smile on their face!


Lori Paige


Ryan Jensen


Kenneth Crim