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Our Family

Aldersgate serves as an innovative Christian community for people with mental and physical disabilities, and various special needs and challenges. Aldersgate (AEC) is a faith-based non-profit organization that provides vocational and residential services to adults with special needs. P6181085

 The AEC serves individuals who are unable to function independently in the community. The AEC’s programs provide their Associates with support throughout the various stages of their lives. The AEC welcomes individuals regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Aldersgate Enrichment Center ministers to the whole person spiritually, mentally and physically. The AEC provides an environment designed to promote maximum growth in every facet of life. Since 1988, the AEC has worked hard to insure that our Associates reach their full intellectual, physical, social, emotional and Christian potential with dignity.    P6181084



Meet Richard Hansen


Richard Hansen has worked at Aldersgate for almost two years. He currently works on one of the road crews providing litter removal and landscaping services to 13 counties surrounding the Brown County area.Picture 1443


Prior to his current position here at AEC Richard worked as a bus driver for a local School District transporting students to and from school, as well as field trips and sporting events. In Late 2010, he suffered a stroke, which impaired his ability to work. After months of recuperation, Richard came to us for employment.


“What I kept hearing from Richard and his mom is that he still has value, even though not everyone can see it,” – Michelle Thomas Executive Director at AEC


Of course Michelle immediately hired Richard and saw his worth.


With guidance from staff and his peers here at AEC, Richard is once again a productive member of the community. Richard has been able to secure his own apartment and no longer lives at home.


“Work has given me my freedom,” Richard said “My mom is proud of me.”


Richard always has a smile every morning and always has such a great attitude. “He could be having the worst day and smile the whole time,” –Joe Mendez road crew supervisor at AEC.


We are truly blessed to have Richard here at AEC, he is a very hard worker and is a great example to his peers. Richard has a very bright future here at AEC.